What is Scottish country dancing?

Scottish country dancing is done all around the globe. It’s social dancing, usually three or four couples dancing together in each 'set'. The figures and steps are all taught and you will soon pick up the basic formations. The majority of dances are the faster jigs and reels, interspersed with gentler strathspeys.

Maybe you have come across dances such as the Eightsome Reel and Dashing White Sergeant at a wedding or ceilidh? These are just two of many thousands of dances which have been devised.

Although we dance in couples, many people attend on their own.  We generally change partners for each dance, so you will soon get to know plenty of people.
Much of the class is about learning and doing dances but there will also be tuition in the basic steps and figures.

The video below shows the popular Irish Rover:

 In the video below, you can see one of the dances at our open-air Midsummer Magic event.

 Like to try it?

You are welcome to come for a free “taster” evening but please click here to contact the Secretary first.

Some men wear kilts but it is not essential!
Please bring a pair of soft, low-heeled shoes (no hard heels, no trainers).